So, why now? Most people blog during their travels, right? Not as they prepare to return.

Well, there are many reasons…

For one thing, we’ve now had the experiences, and know we have some funny, interesting, and perhaps even unique things to share from our travels. Also we’ve processed some of our experiences. We’re ready to share them.

We’ve also experienced people being interested in our stories; from things we’ve shared on facebook with friends and family, and as we’ve increasingly shared our stories to hosts and travellers we’ve met on the way. We’ve learnt we have something interesting to say, and that this is mostly received well. It’s not happened yet, but we’re also learning it’s okay if not everything is met well. We’re up for dialogue.

But mostly, it’s for selfish reasons! It’s about holding ourselves accountable. This is for us to remember how, when we’ve had the privilege of being the most free ever, we’ve chosen how we want to live our lives. Sharing it with you, is a way to hold ourselves to account.

It’s a bit like trying to navigate the roads of Asia by foot. If you were a fly on the wall with us in Asia, you will have heard Claire, at least once a day, instructing Lucy on how to manage the roads.


in the gutter

Lucy in the gutter!

It goes something like this:

  • “Get out of the gutter!” You’re more likely to get hit by a moving vehicle if people think they have room to get round you
  • ” Do you even know where you’re going?” Walk as if you know exactly where you’re going, and your route belongs to you, no one else. In reality we often haven’t known where we’re going of course, unless round in circles counts?!
  • ” Walk with your head up.” Walk facing the oncoming traffic and maintain eye contact with drivers whenever possible
  • “Tell them where you’re going.” When crossing through traffic; walk with purpose, communicating your path to drivers with body language, eye contact and hand signals if necessary.
  • “Come on!” Do not hesitate, trust the drivers’ skill to avoid you (they don’t want you to get in the way of their own journey after all)

Unlike in Asia, there are well trodden pavements at home, and in most Western countries in fact. In Asia, the pavements (if they exist at all..) are also used to park motorcycles, so even if you find a metre of safety, your path is soon blocked and you have to face the road.

We didn’t know it would happen, but travelling has put a major block in our road. It’s been easier to see the things we were doing, because they were expected of us, or at least we thought they were expected of us. But perhaps when we get home, the block in the path may not be so easy to see. It would be easy to rejoin the path we were on before, the path that other’s recognise as ours. A path with too few obstacles on it, to remind us to walk the tightrope. By which I mean check in with our choices, our values and our compromises, whilst having good connections with others.  Check out our guiding compass here.

So we are sharing our learning, not hiding it away, where it can get accidentally trodden on and forgotten.

We’re moving forward with a somewhat clear direction, making it less likely we get caught behind the bus and end up changing our path. Ok in reality our path is far from clear, we have few answers- we don’t even think we want all the answers! We found the joy of questions and grey areas and wish to be  forever seekers. But we do know, at least for now, the directions we do not want move in!

And we are trusting those we love, to be able to handle it. They may want to carry on their own journeys without ours impacting theirs. But they may also like to give a friendly wave, to the girls trying to cross through the moving traffic . Ok us doing our lives differently is going to cause some impact to those we love, but we want it to be gentle! And perhaps sharing our intentions for living our lives, our reasons why and the stories behind our ‘rebellion’, will help those we love, see it coming (remain eye contact where possible!) and have some understanding about where it’s all come from…. so that’s ‘why now’!

Climbing over obstacles and walking the tightrope

Thanks for reading,

The Happy Journeying Wives, Lucy & Claire