1. Helping on a farm in Slovenia for 5 days. Our first experience of eating freshly picked food, with every meal! IMG_20160529_154005417
  2. Helping at after school English classes in a Cambodian village, for 5 days. Experiencing the children’s dedication to their learning and the fun they brought to it.20161006_145136
  3. Helping clean cabins at a holiday park in Airlie beach for 6 weeks. Having our own home in the most beautiful tropical surroundings.20170126_133715.jpg
  4. Helping with gardening and rainforest management at a raw vegan facility in Kuranda for 8 days. Meeting some truly inspiring people, in a very special location.P1040129.JPG
  5. Helping with a building project in the beautiful little town of Little River outside of Christchurch for 7 days. Being completely welcomed into the family and spending time with their vibrant 5 year old with such a beautiful soul.  20170311_095208
  6. Dethatching the lawn and building a fence in Christchurch for 11 days. Experiencing the best hospitality and having the opportunity to complete projects together.20170316_143212.jpg
  7. Helping with preserving food from the land and gardening for 5 days, meeting yet more inspiring people, learning new skills and having impromptu music sessions20170404_102758.jpg
  8. Helping on a garlic farm in Northland New Zealand. Learning how to ask for what we need, and recognising what’s a good work exchange experience for us, as well as meeting a lad from Japan with the most beautiful smile!20170410_130733.jpg
  9. Helping on an avocado farm in Whangarei for 12 days. Meeting yet more cool people, being taken on a tour of the most beautiful beaches, and being free roam to pick from the veggie garden.20170425_150959.jpg
  10. Helping at a cooking school in Penang for 10 days. Learning about food, buying food, prepping food, cooking food and eating food!penang cooking.jpg

To be continued….