Did you know that learnt and learned are both correct?

Learnt is just the British way of spelling it. We learnt (learned) this 5 minutes ago, after a quick google search trying to settle on our domain name. We’ve learnt a lot.. like not knowing how British we were until we went travelling. It was mainly the amount of cups of tea we wanted to drink whilst in Australia and New Zealand, that gave us away!

We set off on our travels in April 2016- both for different reasons, which you’ll find out along the way. But, we were fortunate enough to decide (in synchronicity!), that quitting our jobs, and hitting the road was the right thing to do.

We didn’t plan to be clich√© travellers, we weren’t trying to ‘find ourselves’, or learn the meaning of life. But, it turns out that after 12+ months of not working ‘proper’ jobs, visiting 22 countries, meeting inspirational people from over 55 different nationalities; we’ve changed. We’ve learnt more than we could ever have imagined.

We have found ourselves at a cross-roads, preparing to re-enter our little island of origin. We find ourselves desperate to capture these many lessons learnt on the road, keen to foster them for our future selves, but also for others to read, and perhaps take a sprinkle of truth or motivation from.

We hope you enjoy and wish you happy journeying!

The happy journeying wives,

Lucy & Claire x